Financial Advisory

Needless to say, this flurry of new rules, capital requirements and fiscal pressures around the world will continue to affect the way financial services groups structure their operations, just as their own credit-availability pressures continue to rise.

In response, multinationals are devoting significant resources to developing new treasury business models that promote increased self-funding and tax optimisation through inter-company loans, guarantees, and tools such as cash pooling. This higher degree of self-funding, in turn, is bringing an increased focus by cash-strapped tax authorities on the transfer pricing of financial transactions, with the concomitant risk of double taxation through adjustments and penalty payments.

Clearly, for financial services firms, given the inconsistency and fluidity in global transfer pricing rules, and stepped-up liquidity and capitalisation requirements, not to mention the significant increase in scrutiny from tax authorities everywhere, having a robust, sophisticated global transfer pricing policy in place is a more pressing business challenge ever.

Yaad & Associates are financial advisors. As professionals, we suggest and render financial services to clients based on their unique financial situations. In this category, we offer the given services below. In addition to the given services, we guide our clients in investment and portfolio management, tax planning, and estate planning.

  1. Budgets, Analysis, and Forecasts
  2. Business Plan Development
  3. Feasibility Study and Reports
  4. Business Model Design
  5. Management and Business Research
  6. Credit Management
  7. Transfer Pricing
  8. Financial Consulting

We invite you to buy into the above services, to benefit from of our competences and professionalism in financial advisory.

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